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Here is another story that was sent to us. We are aware of the fact that family disapproval of one’s transition is a very sensitive topic, and our intention is by no means to generalise the individual experience of this detransitioner. We believe that stories like this one are part of the complexity of the issue and they are important to be heard. Thank you Sky for sharing this with us!

Hi my name is Sky and I’m a detransitioner. When I was 14-17 I transitioned appearance wise. I cut my hair short, I wore masculine clothing, and spoke in a deeper voice than I had.
I was in the eighth grade when I decided to transition from FTM. I lost a lot of friends when I came out as transgender. It was very hard for me and I started binding my chest.
I came out to my mom and brother as transgender and my mom said no to medical transitioning. My mom and my brother kept telling me I am female. I refused at the time being. I believed I was transgender but when I was 17 I came to the realization I wasn’t. I thought it would be the “fix”. I was very depressed at the time. I spent three years being someone I wasn’t. I thank my mom now not letting me medically transition. I would be in regret now if she’s hadn’t.

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