How you can support Post Trans

We’ve created Post Trans more than a year ago with the core aim of giving more visibility to the stories of female detransitioners. We quickly realised that our project answered a real need, as many detransitioners started reaching out to us to share their stories, to ask questions or simply to thank us.

For this second year of the project, we want to go further and we have many ideas that we are currently working on. These new goals entail more workload and more costs, which is why we are asking for your support. We are grateful for every contribution, as each of them helps us providing more visibility and resources to detransitioners.


Here is an overview of our projects for the upcoming year:

  • Keep on collecting and posting stories on our website and social media
    This is the core of our project. By sharing various stories of female detransitioners, we give them visibility and offer the opportunity for all detransitioners to talk publicly about their experiences, even anonymously.

  • Add languages to the website
    Making the stories available in a variety languages is a key element for increasing visibility and for making the project accessible to more detransitioners.
    Feel free to contact us if you can help translating!

  • Create a booklet with information and resources about detransition
    We are currently working on the creation of an informative booklet consisting of a collection of detransition stories, information about medical detransition, advice on how to deal with gender dypshoria and a list of resources on the topic. We would like to make this booklet available online in its digital form as well as printing it to send it to organisations.

    You can find more about the development of this project here.

  • Establish a network for detransitioners to get into contact with one another
    Connecting with other detransitioners online or in real life can be a very helpful experience. We would like to create a platform that enables female detransitioners to get into contact with one another, to exchange helpful information and feel less isolated.

  • Keep on working on giving visibility to detransitioners
    Another part of our work with Post Trans is to talk to the media and try to increase visibility on the topic of detransition in general.

Thank you for your support!


If you wish to make a donation via transfer directly to our Belgian bank account, don't hesitate to ask us via email.
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