Our Values

Our Values

Post Trans is a project that aims at giving visibility and support to female detransitioners. This group is far from being homogeneous in terms of experiences, identities and opinions. It is important for us to reflect this diversity and leave this platform open to each voice that needs it.
We are aware that the topic of detransition is sensitive and we have learnt important lessons over the past years we’ve been working on the project. On this page, we want to express our position and the values that we want to follow with Post Trans.

  • The project addresses female detransitioners and desisters. By this we refer to female assigned and socialised individuals who underwent a masculinising social and/or physical transition and later decided to reconcile with their femaleness. We are aware and respect the fact that not all of them identify or refer to themselves as women.

  • We want this platform to be a safe space for detransitioners to share their stories and receive support. We do not accept any attack directed at the individual experiences of the authors.

  • We do not agree for the stories shared here to be taken out of their context and instrumentalised in favour of any political ideology.

  • The intention behind this platform is not to invalidate any personal experience or identity, but rather to show the complexity and the diversity of journeys that are often overlooked.

  • We refuse to censor texts that express a critique of the trans affirmative model because we understand and acknowledge that this model has been harmful to a number of detransitioners.

  • We understand and deeply care about the fact that trans people experience serious difficulties related to gender dysphoria and discrimination. We believe that they deserve to be supported and respected.

This website and all its images are protected by copyright. Reproducing or distributing an image or part of an image in any form or manner is illegal. They may not be published without prior permission from the founders of Post Trans.