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Our booklet about Detransition

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We’ve created Post Trans in June 2019. Our goal with this project was to make detransitioners and desisters see that they are not alone and that there is a diversity of people who, like them, decided to stop transitioning.  As Post Trans developed, more and more detransitioners contacted us to share their stories and ask for information and support. We realised that there was an urgent need for filling the existing information gap and providing resources about detransition.

This is how we came to the idea of creating a booklet on the topic. Just like for everything we do with Post Trans, we wanted the various voices of detransitioners to be central to the booklet. We gathered written experiences of 75 female and male detransitioners and created the content based on their wishes, advice and thoughts. The 50-page long booklet has the objective to reach detransitioners and desisters, their relatives and close ones, people who consider a transition and wish for more information, health professionals such as endocrinologists or therapists, or anyone who wants to learn more about the topic.

Our objective with the distribution of the booklet is to start discussions about detransition in an empathetic way, with the sole aim of improving detransitioners’ and desisters’ lives. We do not want to invalidate trans people’s lives and experiences in any way. Simply, we believe that it is time that detransitioners are included in conversations and that they start being listened to and cared for rather than being systematically dismissed.

We would like to warmly thank everyone who supported us throughout this project. In particular, the following organisations:

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