3rd February 2021

They're printed! 🎉
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28th December 2020

50 pages of stories, information and advice related to detransition, along with Nele's beautiful illustrations.
We will start printing copies in four different languages next month and we'll distribute them widely after the official launching in March.

Don't hesitate to reach out if:

1. You can help us with translations. (Thank you to everyone who offered to translate ❤️️ We have already received help for Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Serbian.)
2. You can help us distributing copies of the booklet in your area.
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3. You would like to order booklets for your organisation. 
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Our email address is contact.posttrans@gmail.com.

The booklets will be distributed for free, and there will be a digital version available on our website. You can support the project here:


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