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I grew up in a very rural, conservative town, and from the moment I could speak, I referred to myself with “he” pronouns. I never saw a masculine woman once in my childhood.

I thought my preference for short hair, a flat chest, and men’s clothes disqualified me from womanhood. I identified as a man from age 5 til around age 18.

I never went on T, as my mother, having seen my yearning for the freedom and ease of boyhood, talked to me many times about feminism and how womanhood was big enough to hold me.

at the time, I didn’t listen very well—I was a feminist, yes, but I surely couldn’t have been a WOMAN. I was masculine in every way!

I’m nearly 21 now, and it’s been two years of accepting myself for the masculine lesbian I am. My wonderful older sister has been a vital part of my journey back to womanhood.

My relationships with the women in my life are my lifeblood. it’s the most peace i’ve ever felt.

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