So I have always appreciated certain aspects of girl/womanhood (traditional femininity), but motherhood being seen as the ultimate feminine role and coming into the realization that motherhood isn’t something I’d like to participate in created a feeling of alienation me and other women.

I also started to feel a disconnection from being a girl because of my athleticism. I felt a sense of comradery with girls from sports during adolescence but post-adolescence the connection dissipated. It was much easier to get guys to participate in sports with me than girls.

When I heard about the idea that I could identify as a Demi-girl. It felt like a great way to embody the androgynous energy within me and validated the feelings of Not Being Like Other Girls.

I started to question my decision when prompted with the question of whether being Demi-girl makes me trans & being unsure so I decided to introspect about why I even started identifying as a Demi-girl.

The conclusion: I am not trans. I don’t have gender dysphoria. And I have come to love my unique womanhood and I want to embrace that.

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